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Legenda Pesut Mahakam Bahasa Inggris

The Legend of Pesut Mahakam

Long time ago, there was a village near the Mahakam River in East Kalimantan. The villagers always work hard. Even though they are poor, they are very happy and help each other. In the village, there is a rich family. The head of the family is Pak Pesut. Everyone knows Pak Pesut because of his stinginess. He didn't like helping others so his family always lived alone and never mingled with other people.

One very long dry season. All the rice fields cannot get enough water. The villagers cannot harvest rice. Once upon a time, a group of young men who had just finished wandering reported that there was a waterfall that could be used to irrigate rice fields. This young man invited all villagers including Pak Pesut. However, Pak pesut arrogantly refused.

After a while, all the people left the village and Pak Pesut's food supplies ran low. One day a beggar came knocking on Pak Pesut's house to ask for rice. Pak Pesut hurriedly ordered his family to eat rice immediately for fear of being stolen by beggars. Because the rice was very hot, Pak Pesut and his family went straight to the Mahakam river to drink water. Beggars saw the incident. He then prayed to God. Amazingly, Pak Pesut's family slowly turned into fish. Since then, everyone calls him Pesut fish.

Cerita Kancil dan Buaya Bahasa Inggris

Versi Bahasa Inggris

Short Story of a Mouse Deer and a Crocodile Looking for Vegetables

One day Mrs. Kancil asked her child to get onions and vegetables by the river. Kancil then immediately rushed to the riverbank according to his mother's orders. When he got there, the mouse deer started to take the existing vegetables, but the onions were on the other side of the river. After storing the vegetables, Kancil then used a wooden stick and a log to cross the river. Arriving on other side, Kancil started to take the existing onions.

Suddenly a crocodile appeared from the river. "You are trapped and will become my food" said the crocodile. The deer casually said, “Just eat me, but if you don't eat me with vegetables, you'll have a stomachache. We'd better get the vegetables on the other side of the river first. Hearing the words of the mouse deer, the crocodile agreed to help the mouse deer to cross the river again.

"It's here, now take the vegetables and put them in my mouth!" Tell the crocodile. Kancil came down from the crocodile's back to take the vegetables that were previously left behind. The crocodile immediately realized that he had been tricked by the mouse deer. After that Kancil immediately ran to the house safely and delivered vegetables and onions to Mrs. Kancil.

Versi Bahasa Indonesia

Cerita Pendek Kancil dan Buaya Mencari Sayur

Pada suatu hari ibu kancil menyuruh anaknya untuk mengambil bawang dan sayuran di pinggir sungai. Kancil kemudian segera bergegas menuju pinggiran sungai sesuai perintah ibunya. Sesampainya di sana, kancil mulai mengambil sayuran yang ada, akan tetapi bawang berada di seberang sungai. Setelah menyimpan sayuran, Kancil lalu menggunakan batang kayu untuk menyebrangi sungai. Sesampainya di seberang, kancil mulai mengambil bawang yang ada.

Tiba tiba dari dalam sungai muncul seekor buaya. “Kamu terjebak dan akan menjadi makananku” kata buaya. Dengan santai nya kancil berkata “Makan saja aku, tapi jika kamu tidak memakanku dengan sayur, kamu akan sakit perut. Sebaiknya kita ambil dulu sayuran yang ada di seberang sungai”. Mendengar perkataan kancil, buaya pun setuju untuk membantu kancil untuk kembali menyebrangi sungai.

“Sudah sampai, sekarang ambil sayuran itu dan masuk ke dalam mulutku!” suruh buaya. Kancilpun turun dari punggung buaya untuk mengambil sayuran yang sebelumnya ditinggalkan. Sang buaya langsung tersadar bahwa dia telah dikerjai oleh kancil. Setelah itu Kancil langsung berlari menuju rumah dengan selamat dan mengantarkan sayur dan bawang kepada Ibu Kancil.

Legenda Indonesia: Tangkuban Perahu Bahasa Inggris

Once upon a time in the land of Pasundan, West Java, there was a beautiful heavenly goddess. Her name is Dayang Sumbi. He lives in a hut in the forest with his loyal dog, Tumang.

One day, while weaving cloth, she lost one of the tools. Being tired of looking everywhere, Dayang Sumbi said to herself, "Whoever can find a lost tool and give it back to me, if he was a man, I would make him a husband and if he was a girl, I would make him big brother "

To his surprise, Tumang found a tool and returned it to him. Like it or not, Dayang Sumbi had to fulfill her own promise to marry Tumang, who had been a person who had been cursed by an evil witch to become a dog.

By chance Dayang Sumbi gave birth to a baby boy and named him Sangkuriang. Sangkuriang grew up to be a healthy teenager who liked to hunt animals in the forest. Dayang Sumbi never told Sangkuriang that Tumang was her father.

One day, Sangkuriang and Tumang were hunting deer in the forest. Soon they met a wild boar. Sangkuriang wondered, "Why are there no deer today? But, I thought the wild boar wouldn't make any difference." Sangkuriang shouted Tumang, "Go and fight the wild boar. Just kill it for me!"

Surprisingly, Tumang did not kill the wild boar because the wild boar was actually Dayang Sumbi's mother. The boars go safely. This made Sangkuriang very angry, he killed Tumang. Then, he took out a dog's heart and gave it to Dayang Sumbi.

After eating liver, Dayang Sumbi asked Sangkuriang, "By the way, where is Tumang? I haven't seen her since you came back from hunting. "

"Mother," answered Sangkuriang quietly. "I killed Tumang for disobedience. The liver you eat is really Tumang's liver."

"You! You are an ignorant child!" Shouted Dayang Sumbi, hitting the soup spoon against Sangkuriang's head hard until his head was bleeding. "Get out of my face, you murderer. How dare you kill your own father? You are a useless boy!"

Bleeding in the head, Sangkuriang fled into the forest and went up to the hill. Years passed, Sangkuriang turned into a handsome and skilled hunter. He had forgotten all the bitter past because he had lost his memory. He even forgot his name.

One day, Sangkuriang met a beautiful woman in the forest with whom he fell in love. The woman was Dayang Sumbi, who could not grow old because she was a goddess. Sangkuriang did not recognize his own mother, but Dayang Sumbi recognized Sangkuriang from the old scar on his head.

Drunk in love, Sangkuriang proposed to marry him. To avoid the forbidden marriage between a mother and a son, Dayang Sumbi asked her to make a lake and a boat in one night as a wedding gift for him. With the help of supernatural beings from the forest, Sangkuriang built a lake and a boat. Dayang Sumbi knew about it and she tricked Sangkuriang so that the job was not fully carried out. Knowing this, Sangkuriang was so angry that he kicked the boat and the boat capsized. This became the Tangkuban Perahu mountain in West Java.

Legenda Indonesia: Roro Jongrang dan Candi Prambanan Bahasa Inggris

The story of Rara Jonggrang and Prambanan Temple

Once upon a time, long ago there was a large kingdom called Prambanan. The people live peacefully and peacefully. But what happened then? The Prambanan kingdom was attacked and colonized by the Pengging country. The peace of the Prambanan Kingdom was disturbed. The soldiers were unable to face the attacks of the Pengging forces. Finally, the Prambanan kingdom was controlled by Pengging, and led by Bandung Bondowoso.

Bandung Bondowoso is a cruel boss. "Anyone who does not obey my orders will be subject to severe punishment!", Said Bandung Bondowoso to his people. Bandung Bondowoso is a powerful person and has an army of genies. Not long after he was in power, Bandung Bondowoso liked to observe the movements of Roro Jonggrang, the beautiful daughter of King Prambanan. “Beautiful princess. I want her to be my queen, ”thought Bandung Bondowoso.

The next day, Bondowoso approached Roro Jonggrang. "You are so beautiful, will you be my queen?" Asked Bandung Bondowoso to Roro Jonggrang. Rara Jonggrang gasped, hearing Bondowoso's question. "This man is so presumptuous, he doesn't know me right away, he wants me to be his empress", said Roro Jongrang to himself. "What should I do ?". Roro Jonggrang became confused. His thoughts were spinning.

If he refuses, Bandung Bondowoso will be furious and endanger his family and the people of Prambanan. To say yes is also impossible, because Rara Jonggrang really doesn't like Bandung Bondowoso. "How about it, Rara Jonggrang?" insisted Bondowoso. Finally, Roro Jonggrang got an idea. "I am willing to be your wife, but there are conditions," he said. "What are the conditions? Want an abundance of treasures? Or a magnificent palace? ”. "Not that, my lord, said Roro Jonggrang. I ask a temple, the total must one thousands. "A thousand pieces?" shouted Bondowoso. "Yes, and the temple must be finished overnight." Bandung Bondowoso stared at Rara Jonggrang, his lips trembling with anger.

Since then Bandung Bondowoso has thought about how to build 1000 temples. Finally he asked his advisor. "I believe my master can build the temple with the help of the Jin!", Said the advisor. "Yes, your suggestion is right, prepare the equipment I need!" After the equipment is prepared. Bandung Bondowoso stands in front of the stone altar. Her arms spread wide. "Genie troops, help me!" he shouted in a thunderous voice. Before long, the sky darkened. The wind howled. A moment later, the genies already surrounded Bandung Bondowoso. "What should we do sir?" Asked the leader of the genie. "Help me build a thousand temples," pleaded Bandung Bondowoso.

The genies immediately moved here and there, carrying out their respective duties. In a short time the temple buildings were composed of nearly a thousand pieces. Meanwhile, Roro Jonggrang was secretly observing from a distance. He was worried, knowing that Bondowoso was assisted by a genie squad. "Wow, how is this?" Said Rara Jonggrang to himself. He was looking for a way. He ordered the royal maids to gather and was assigned to collect straw. "Quickly burn all the hay!" commanded Rara Jonggrang. He ordered some other maids to pound a mortar. Dung ... dung ... dung! A red tinge radiated into the sky accompanied by a frenzied sound, so it was like a breaking dawn.

The genies thought it was dawn. "Wow, the sun will rise!" exclaimed the genie. "We must leave immediately before our bodies are scorched by the sun," continued the other genie. The demons scrambled to left that place. Bandung Bondowoso was surprised at the panic of the genie troops. In the morning, Bandung Bondowoso took Loro Jonggrang to the temple. "The temple you asked for is standing!". Loro Jonggrang immediately counted the number of the temples. It turned out that there were only 999 pieces! "The number is less than one!" exclaimed Loro Jonggrang. "It means the master has failed to meet the requirements that I submitted". Bandung Bondowoso was surprised to learn about this shortcoming.

He became very angry. "It's impossible ...", said Bondowoso, glaring at Loro Jonggrang. "Then you complete it!" he said, pointing his finger at Loro Jonggrang. Wonderful! Loro Jonggrang immediately turned into a stone statue. Until now, these temples still exist and are located in the Prambanan area, Central Java and are called Loro Jonggrang Temple.

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