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Legenda Indonesia: Tangkuban Perahu Bahasa Inggris

Once upon a time in the land of Pasundan, West Java, there was a beautiful heavenly goddess. Her name is Dayang Sumbi. He lives in a hut in the forest with his loyal dog, Tumang.One day, while weaving cloth, she lost one of the tools. Being tired of looking everywhere, Dayang Sumbi said to herself, "Whoever can find a lost tool and give it back to me, if he was a man, I would make him a husband and if he was a girl, I would make him big brother "To his surprise, Tumang found a tool and returned it to him. Like it or not, Dayang Sumbi had to fulfill her own promise to marry Tumang, who had been a person who had been cursed by an evil witch to become a dog.By chance Dayang Sumbi gave birth to a baby boy and named him Sangkuriang. Sangkuriang grew up to be a healthy teenager who liked to hunt animals in the forest. Dayang Sumbi never told Sangkuriang that Tumang was her father.One day, Sangkuriang and Tumang were hunting deer in the forest. Soon they met a wild boar. Sangkurian…

Legenda Indonesia: Roro Jongrang dan Candi Prambanan Bahasa Inggris

The story of Rara Jonggrang and Prambanan TempleOnce upon a time, long ago there was a large kingdom called Prambanan. The people live peacefully and peacefully. But what happened then? The Prambanan kingdom was attacked and colonized by the Pengging country. The peace of the Prambanan Kingdom was disturbed. The soldiers were unable to face the attacks of the Pengging forces. Finally, the Prambanan kingdom was controlled by Pengging, and led by Bandung Bondowoso.Bandung Bondowoso is a cruel boss. "Anyone who does not obey my orders will be subject to severe punishment!", Said Bandung Bondowoso to his people. Bandung Bondowoso is a powerful person and has an army of genies. Not long after he was in power, Bandung Bondowoso liked to observe the movements of Roro Jonggrang, the beautiful daughter of King Prambanan. “Beautiful princess. I want her to be my queen, ”thought Bandung Bondowoso.The next day, Bondowoso approached Roro Jonggrang. "You are so beautiful, will you be…

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